We have developed and globally patented an innovative new wheel.

The Adaptive Grip Wheel is our innovative solution (more info on patent here) to make a wheel and tire a more sustainable part of a vehicle. Our wheel can make adjustments on the tread pattern height and makes it possible for partly replacing a profiled tread of this tire. This will highly impact different industries and our environment!

It is a system based on grip elements that can move in and out within the tire frame through the use of pneumatic technology. A pneumatic pump unit is attached to the wheel axle or rim, or is connected to the tire. This pump unit is controlled digitally. The grip elements are pushed outwards to a higher or lesser degree based on an increase or reduction in air pressure in the press tube. 


The possible applications of the Adaptive Grip Wheel

  • Any situation where traditional tires for vehicles can be replaced (passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, bicycles, etc)
  • This especially goes for vehicles that need to operate on difficult terrain (the grip of the grip elements can be adjusted as desired)
  • In automotive technology (e.g. self-driving cars). This solution can be applied to each separate wheel. in combination with a specific setting of the grip elements, an optimal surface grip can be achieved in areas subject to changeable weather conditions such as heavy rains or snow or areas with lots of sand, water or bad roads.


The main benefits of the Adaptive Grip Wheel

  • Adjustability of the grip elements allows for complete grip on various surfaces
  • Less wear and shorter brake distance thanks to the adjustability of the grip elements
  • Safer: absence risk of a burst tire
  • Fewer costs
  • Environment: less air pollution (CO2 emission), reduced gasoline/energy consumption, reduced rubber consumption, tires have a long lifespan, less space logistic
  • Decreased fuel use thanks to a reduced rolling resistance
  • Less wear on the tire; only the grip elements need to be replaced
  • Less traffic noise (reduction of external rolling noise)
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Combined with digital developments; the grip elements and the wheel can be completely controlled (automated)
  • Applicable during all seasons


Minimum profile setting
Normal Setting
Maximum Setting


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