We have developed and globally patented (more info on patent here) a whole new toothed belt: the Adaptive Drive Belt!

The Adaptive Drive Belt is the ideal solution for optimal engagement and guiding of the belt, based on a stud system that uses newly developed slide elements. To make sure a drive system works correctly, it is important that the guiding and gripping components are optimally tuned to each other. To achieve this, the Adaptive Drive Belt was developed.

When you combine the Adaptive Drive Belt with our Controlled Rotation System, you will get a new and very efficient drive system.


The possible applications of the Adaptive Drive Belt


The main benefits of the Adaptive Drive Belt

  • The ingenious design of this belt ensures it constantly has proper grip on the slide elements. This way, continuous grip can be realised.
  • As a result, resistance decreases and efficiency increases¬†
  • More efficiency (=less power needed), fewer parts and raw materials mean lower costs and impact on the environment (reducing the use of oil and other fossil fuels)¬†


Our Adaptive Drive Belt has been worked out in detail and fully rendered in 3D. Each part has been recorded, including its dimensions, details, weight, material type etc. All components are present including calculations and simulations. 

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