We have developed and globally patented (more info patents here & here) a whole new gearless variable drive system! The most important part of this is the Controlled Rotation System, which allows stepless transmission without the use of gears, chains and oil, driven by a toothed belt and a hydraulic system.

The drive system is single-axle (or applicable on more) and consists of two adjustable conical discs that are self-centring, with the use of slide elements. These conical discs are both hydraulically moved away and towards each other, causing the slide elements to move up or down by a sliding technique. This creates a larger or smaller circle for the toothed belt, resulting in an acceleration or deceleration. 

The system is driven by a toothed belt. This can be done by a conventional toothed belt or a toothed belt (Adaptive Drive Belt) developed by Drive Technology Holland, which uses newly developed slide elements for a better grip.


The possible applications of the Controlled Rotation System

  • Replacing traditional gear mechanisms in vehicles such as cars, bicycles, and ships. But also in windmills, cranes, wind turbines and various types of mechanical engineering
  • Due to the compactness, it is also possible to link our Controlled Rotation System to independent parts
  • Automotive, especially beneficial for electric-powered vehicles or self-driving: an individual wheel can be equipped with our Controlled Rotation System


The main benefits of the Controlled Rotation System

  • The system ensures that all machines and vehicles to which it can be applied no longer require gears and oil
  • As a result, resistance decreases, efficiency increases and fewer parts, and raw materials are needed
  • More efficiency (=less power needed), fewer parts and raw materials mean lower costs and impact on the environment (reducing the use of oil and other fossil fuels) 
  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable
  • Operates more quietly, thus reducing noise emissions


We created a stepless variable gear system driven by a toothed belt. At first, that did not seem technically possible, but we have shown that it is possible.

The entire system has been worked out in detail and fully rendered in 3D. Each part has been recorded, including its dimensions, details, weight, material type etc. All components are present including calculations and simulations. 

A prototype has been developed in the form of a table model at a larger scale to show how the Controlled Rotation Systems works with a conventional belt. If you are interested in a demonstration, please let us know and contact us!

Prototype Controlled Rotation System


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